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Internet communitity designed to promote and support Long Island businesses and activities.


LongIslandToDo.com, HuntingtonToDo.com and are on-line Internet communities designed to promote and support Long Island businesses and activities.

Is this yet another directory Website?
No – Why re-invent the wheel and once again put the phone book on-line? What good is yet another website that only tells the name address and phone number of a business? Our websites have been written by hand and only feature an intimate number of businesses. These businesses are all either our friends, our clients, or favorite places that the owners of our website likes to do business with. The inner network is a stating point but as we reach out to the community and personally have a dialogue with new businesses, slowly the website will evolve.

So Why Do people need our websites?
Our website is useful simply because some degree of content or personalized information will be provided about each link featured on this website. Even if it is a short paragraph you will get a more intimate understanding of who they are.

How to use this website.
The website is broken down into 2 major categories, Fun ToDo and Business ToDo. Fun ToDo are more like activities and entertainment. Business ToDo involves services and business contacts They could be fun at times but they are mre likely necessary or useful.

Long Island Fun ToDo
Although many of the following can also be used for business to business services they more fall in the category of fun, recreation or consumer services.

Long Island Business ToDo Services:
This category spans business and consumer services. Most are necessary ToDo but not necessarily fun ToDo. Sure big businesses can spend big money on advertising and other competitive advantages. This website is my tribute to hard-working honest business owners who I am associated with.

Sometimes all it takes is one recommendation for people to do business with someone. I only print information that I believe or can verify. If I wrote the review then I believe in what I say.

I also believe, “If you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything.” There are business that are even clients of mine that are not on the list because they are either not in the New York area, not a good fit for the website, or in very rare occasion there are personality conflicts or I can not recommend them.

On the other hand I just didn’t get around to documenting everyone I know so check back often.  

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